Monday, 17 September 2007

Nahr al-Bared 2007

Picture: Grace Kassab/AP Photo


moussa said...


Anonymous said...

Pity that an Arab government would keep people in a camp for so long, why not citizenship?

lenin said...

why not citizenship?

Why doesn't Israel give them citizenship, since Israel is chiefly responsible for their condition? Oh, wait, I forgot: the whole ethnic-nationalist state-building enterprise is imperilled by the 'demographic problem' already.

Anonymous said...

The Arab governments could hav at least given dual citizenship until the Palestinian state was set up,and dispersed the camps.

Ray said...

The refugee crisis needed to be dealt with like the Balkans refugee crisis.
Keeping refugees in camps did nothing for a solution but prolonged the misery of the people.

Renegade Eye said...

The US and the UK, pretend to care about democracy, while the Arab leaders pretend to care about Palestinians. Neither care about either in reality.

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Lebanese socialist said...

Thanks for your comments. Apologies for my late contribution... I had huge difficulties posting from Lebanon.

Only to say... that Palestinians should enjoy full rights (including right to property, the vote and the right to work) enjoyed by other Lebanese.

The Armenians in Lebanon were given this right when they fled Turkish massacres... and it has not stopped them from remaining Armenian.

All of Lebanon's diverse peoples should be given equal rights, including the Kurds, Palestinians, Armenians, Bedou... and those born to a Lebanese mother and foreign father.