Friday, 7 September 2007

Syria denies the right to travel

The human rights group HRINFO reports that Syrian authorities have this week denied Adnan Hamdan, the human rights activist and the member of the committee to protect democratic freedoms, from traveling to Cairo (31/8/2007) to attend a workshop on "blogging and human rights".

Syrian authorities also denied Ghazi Kadour (know as Abu Omar)—who is a member in the trustee council of the committees— from traveling to Amman on 3 September to attend a workshop on human rights.

The authorities also stopped Khai Deen Murad— the secretary of Azadi, a Kurdish party in Syria— from traveling to Norway to visit his family who are living there.

Last Sunday Syrian authorities detained Bashar al-Ameen (Abu Laurain), a political activist and the member of Azadi party. They took him to a unknown place. The whereabouts of Abdraouf Zino is also still unknown.

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