Monday, 12 November 2007

Stop war, to start one

Elder statesman (read old sectarian war criminal) Walid Jumblatt wants Lebanon to make peace with Israel so that it can make war on itself. According to the Jerusalem Post, Jumblatt (who is arming his militia in prepartion for the next civil war and once massacred any Christian he could get his hands on) described Hizbollah as "a division of the [Iranian] Revolutionary Guards."

An interesting aside, Jumblatt was once derided as a terrorist by the US and Israel when he was a pro-Syrian politician. Now he is the "worldwide Druse leader".


Sam said...

I suggest you pick up a history book and read it .. may be if you do understand what you read, you will correct your wrong information about almost all of your comment.. The True Lebanese

Lebanese socialist said...

WHich book did you have in mind?