Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Jumblat rant—number 253

This blog has noted the increasingly lunatic statements made by Walid Jumblat (once a "terrorist" now a "democrat").

In a report in the pro-govenrment news site Ya Libnan, Jumblat declared that Hizbollah was behind the recent assassinations of politicians and swore that he "would not shake hands with criminals."

His political office rushed to "correct" the mad ravings of their dear leader by accusing Iran's Press TV (that conducted the interview) of misrepresenting his words—a common cure for putting your foot in your mouth.

Jumblat's PSP— Progressive Socialist Party (that is neither progressive, socialist or a party)—statement reads:

“The news report circulated by Press TV after the Dec 31, 2007 interview with Walid Jumblatt is a gross misrepresentation (of the interview since words were taken out of context which ultimately changed the whole meaning and intent of the interview.”

“In view of the above, the PSP Information Office takes exception to this news report since once words are taken out of context the whole meaning of the report is lost. For this reason we call on Press TV to release the entire interview which lasted about 45 minutes and covered various of complex issues”

“The PSP information office urged Press TV to be accurate, factual and objective in reporting on the Lebanese political issues due to their sensitivity “.

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