Monday, 24 March 2008

No war?

The IHT quotes Hassan Nasrallah's address to a mass rally in Dahieh, south Beirut.

"It is not simple for America to launch a war on Iran, or for Israel to launch a war on Syria or Lebanon.

"I want to remind you that an Israeli war is no longer a picnic. An Israeli war has become very costly because there is in Lebanon the strength, will and education of the resistance (Hezbollah) as well as the blood of the resistance's martyrs.

"The Israelis have been in a state of worry and fear, not only in Palestine but all in parts of the world," he said. "Let them be frightened and worried. Let them taste the fear and fright which they inflicted on our peoples."

"Can Israel be eliminated? Yes and a thousand times yes, Israel can be eliminated."

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