Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Lebanon—strike 7 May

Unions and associations in Lebanon are backing the call for a one day protest strike over the cost of living and a rise in the minimum wage.

This strike, called by one of the union federations, is set for 7 May.

Those backing the strike so far are:

•The Professional unions have called for a "rise in the minimum wage to LL960,000 (£322 per month), and correct wages by 63 percent."

•The print and media union calls for increases in wages.
The executive council of the federation of trade unions in the print media held a meeting which discussed price rise, higher prices, and the negative impact it has on wage earners.

The union called on officials, political forces and employers to review wages. The minimum wage as stated clearly in Article 44 of the 1946 Labour code, reads as follows:

‘The minimum wage must be sufficient to cover the necessary needs of the employee and his family’.

The union said, “All the successive governments since 1996 have ignored the question of wages. As a result we are now facing total collapse of living standards.”

•The Water Users Association of Southern Lebanon have backed the call.

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