Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Sectarian clashes*2

And in the mountains

"A verbal altercation began on Tuesday evening in Dohet Aramoun, a town south of Choueifat, and soon degenerated into armed clashes that wounded several people and killed Hussein Mohammad Janbeh, a Lebanese soldier who was deployed with his unit to control the violence."

According to the Star the sitution is becoming so bad that the "Central Security Council announced an indefinite ban on motorbikes, provocative convoys, slogans or flag waving in Beirut."

Included in the ban are the bikes used to deliver food — a huge industry in the capital. The opposition parties have also warned their supporters that they will not support them if they violate the ban.

Menawhile the Khiam Centre for Rehabilitation is warning: “There is a severe psychological crisis within the citizens, as well as a serious sectarian rift that will have devastating consequences, especially in Beirut, due to abuses against citizens.”

Mohammad Safa, general-secretary of the Khiam Centre, told the UN news agency: “Last week’s events didn’t fall from the sky, they’re a result of this sectarian structure. If we don’t change it, we’ll find that this was just the latest chapter of a civil war.”

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