Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bread talks

Economy and minister Sami Haddad met Kazem Ibrahim, the head of the Union of Bakeries, a members of the union on Thursday to discuss the rise in bread prices, reports Ya Lubnan

The meeting covered possible ways to address the issue, including subsidizing flour and keeping the price of bread at 1500 lira (75 pence).

"There has been progress on many subjects, but have not reached a final solution," Haddad said after the meeting.

"All factors are clear and transparent. [Ibrahim] has his own circumstances and the state has its circumstances, and we are all concerned with citizens' livelihoods, and we should all keep bread prices as it is," he added.

Ibrahim in turn said that Haddad was "understanding" after the union explained the price rise in light of fuel, oil, flour, and sugar costs, in addition to workers' wages.

Haddad said the union and the ministry were discussing the cost of bread by studying flour, fuel and oil prices.

Through constructive dialogue, he continued, the union and the ministry should be able to reach a solution that was satisfactory to all.

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