Monday 17 September 2007

Nahr al-Bared 2007

Picture: Grace Kassab/AP Photo

Nahr al-Bared 2004

The camp had:
31,023 registered refugees;
1598 families of 8627 persons.
One Agency health centre with an average of 494 patients per day;
Ten UNRWA elementary/preparatory schools for 5,686 enrolled pupils in 2003/2004;
One community managed women's programme centre that runs skill-training courses and apprenticeship, organizes awareness raising sessions on health, social, legal, human rights and gender issues and coordinates with local NGOs to respond to community needs. Income generation loans and group guaranteed lending are also provided to women.
Mainstreaming programme run in partnership with CBR and Ghassan Kanafani KG.
One Youth Center.
One kindergarten teaching French for 22 enrolled pupils in 2003-2004;
Two community run rehabilitation centres provide facilities for 64 refugees with disabilities.

Nahr al-Bared 1951

Women walk through the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon in 1951. Picture: J. Madvo, UNRWA