Saturday 8 March 2008

US rattles its sabre

Naharnet reports that recent electronic mail leaked by Egypt unveils US readiness to launch wide-scale military offensive against Syria if the Assad regime sticks to its policy towards Lebanon.

"The American hegemony is cracking," said Hezbollah's Nawaf Moussawi. "This is why the US sent its warships."

Revolutionary bloggers

3arabawi is organising a network of revolutionary bloggers. Go to his site for the growing list.

My pick is US blog Power To The People. It has some much needed up-to-date reports from Africa.

Tuesday 4 March 2008

30,000 rockets and millions of people

The AP news agency reports that: "Israel has said Hezbollah is rearming and has an arsenal that includes 10,000 long-range rockets and 20,000 short-range rockets in southern Lebanon."

Meanwhile the resistance organisation was showing off its biggest and most important weapon, picture above, along the border with Israel.