Thursday 11 October 2007

No reconciliation without accountability

No reconciliation without accountability, Fairness for the victims of war.

Please sign and circulate petition from the People's Tribunal in Lebanon.

This petition is part of a big campaign launched in Lebanon on the 14th of April, 2007, called “The people’s tribunal.”

The people’s tribunal has three main goals:

* We want to expose the truth and find those responsible for war crimes committed during the Lebanese civil war.
* We want the government to pay reparations for the victims and to declare the destiny of the missing so that their families can inherit property.
* We believe that only through finding the truth can we find true reconciliation so that sectarian war is not repeated.

Tuesday 9 October 2007

Chouf 1984

Walid Jumblat, head of the Democratic Gathering, reacted with fury after Hassan Nasrallah suggested that the Lebanese people should directly elect their president.

Jumblatt said: "We want to protect the presidential elections from being hijacked by suggesting a popular referendum which is against Lebanon's consociational formula for democracy and the Taif Accord."

Fancy that “the people” should be so nasty that they would “hijack” the elections.

Whatever next?

Maybe the great unwashed would ask Jumblat what he did with all the reconstruction money from the 1983-84 mountain war—that was when Jumblat was a “Syrian stooge” and labelled a “terrorist” by the US”.

The picture is the USS New Jersey (BB-62) firing a salvo from her 16"/50 guns at the Chouf on 9 January 1984. Photographed by PH1 Ron Garrison.

Monday 8 October 2007

Village 1890s