Tuesday, 31 July 2007

In Hull, northern England

Around one year ago I was in Lebanon writing a story on the impact of Israel's war. I was struck by the humble dignity shown by ordinary people whose lives had been ruined. Now I'm on the road again, this time to northern England talking to people about floods that devastated their lives.

Again I was struck by the silent determination mixed with seething anger.

That is Joan Mulholand, all her furniture is rotting outside her house after the floods swept through her working class community. These floods were the result of cuts in the maintenance of the drainage system that should protect the city. The company responsible was privatised in 1989 and has since made over £12 billion in profits... she has nothing left.

She is waiting for a £150 compensation payout... and you guessed it, her son is a soldier in the British army.

Click on the header for the story in Socialist Worker.

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