Wednesday, 1 August 2007

World Against War Conference

To be held in London on 1 December 2007

Dear Brother/Sister

This is to formally notify your organisation, as part of the global movement against war, that the Stop the War Coalition in Britain will be holding the above conference here in London and would like you to be represented at it.

This conference follows on from the highly successful International Peace Conference we held in December 2005, which was attended by delegates from peace movements from many countries, as well as by representatives of the Iraqi people.

That conference played an important part in developing the international dimension of our movement, in establishing stronger links between our campaigns and in allowing the voices of the Iraqi people to be heard.

The Stop the War Coalition believes it would now be useful to hold a further conference, with the aim of broadening our work still further.

We are therefore proposing that the conference this December, as well as maintaining a clear focus on our key demands for a complete end to the occupation of Iraq and opposition to any attack against Iran, also look at the broader struggle against war around the world and for independence against the threats of the US administration.

As well as inviting representatives of the Iraqi people once again, we shall also be seeking the participation of representatives of Palestinian, Lebanese, Pakistani, Venezuelan and Cuban movements, amongst others, and looking to highlight the continuing occupation of Afghanistan.

We are also hoping for the strong participation of anti-war movements in the USA, Canada and across Europe (including those in Poland and the Czech Republic opposing the Bush "missile defence" plan).

We shall send you further details of our proposals as soon as possible, including a list of invited speakers, and we would of course be most grateful for any suggestions your organisation might like to make regarding the agenda and format of the conference. We would also hope to circulate the drafts of any proposed declarations that the conference may be asked to consider well in advance, for your input.

At this stage we would like you to indicate whether you would be able to send delegates to London. The Stop the War Coalition will endeavour to organise accommodation in London for those who require it.

We look forward to hearing from you.

In solidarity

Andrew Murray (Chair Stop the War Coalition)
Lindsey German (Convenor Stop
the War Coalition)

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