Thursday, 4 October 2007

Bint Jbail

A new play by Saseen Kawzally has caught the attention of the Guradian newspaper in London. Saseen covered the the July War with the BBC and is writing a play about how a family in the small town of Bint Jbail survived the onslaught.

Ben Harrison writes in his blog:
"We go and fetch the actors, and they all sit in the space. It is like a shrine. A dead place, empty, annihilated. An almost total sense of emptiness. Saseen asks around and we get the address of two of the survivors.

"A childlike woman of 70 welcomes us into her home, and is very open about the details of her terrible experiences, until one of the other survivors, the matriarch of the house, interrupts: 'We don't want to talk about the past. What about the future, the promised reconstruction?' "

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