Friday, 5 October 2007

Cairo calling

International Campaign against Zionist and American Occupation

Announcement and Call for Participation
Cairo International Conference and Liberation Forum, 27-30 March 2008
For National and Individual Liberation
In support of resistance to the Zionist/American Project
Against Zionism and Imperialism
Against despotism and oppression
Against exploitation and corruption

The Egyptian Organising Committee announces the start of preparation for the Cairo International Conference and Liberation Forum, 27-30 March 2008. This year's events will be held under the general motto: "Towards an International campaign against Israeli Occupation and Apartheid in Palestine"
In addition, the following issues will be addressed:
• Reinforcing resistance to the occupation of Iraq;
• Combating racist policies of imperialist countries;
• Opposition to despotism and exploitative globalisation in Egypt and the Arab countries.

The Egyptian Organising Committee invites all political and popular movements, as well as individual fighters for freedom, democracy and social justice, in Egypt, the Arab countries and the world at large, who stand against imperialism, zionism and exploitative globalisation, to contribute to the activities of the Conference and Forum.

For additional information and communication of proposals, please contact the executive director: Nivin Samir:
Cell phone: +2- 0123567772

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