Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Witnesses to shootings?

Al-Manar, Hizbollah's TV station, has produced witnesses who say they saw snipers on rooftops of buildings in Ain el-Rumaini, a Christian suburb overlooking the Shia neighbourhood of Mar Mekhayel, on the night of the electricity riots.

The witnesses claim that "as Lebanese army deployed in the area a group of some 20 Lebanese Forces members took to the streets of the Snoubra and Galerie Zaatar neighbourhoods holding their rifles and machine guns.

Al-Manar alleges that "the witnesses added that the members of the Lebanese Forces group distinguished themselves by wearing black sweaters with the word 'Dangerous' written on them.

"The commander of the group then deployed his men on rooftops "to repel the demonstrators with fire if they advance towards Ain el-Rumaini".

"Not one demonstrator advanced towards this area, according to Chiyah mayor Edmond Garios. He was refuting pro-government media reports that demonstrators stormed into the Christian area and tossed a hand grenade injuring seven people."

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