Friday, 1 February 2008

Oh no you don't...

Looks like those pesky Palestinians won't do the decent thing and get back into their Gaza prison.

The Israeli Ynet website reports that attempts to re-seal border have failed again:

Early Friday, Egyptian troops poured cement and laid down metal spikes around various breaches to try to choke off the flow of vehicles through gaps in the 12-kilometer-long (7-mile-long) border. They also sent dozens of riot police to the area.

Shortly after, Hamas gunmen dragged away metal spikes that had been placed at the main breach. Egyptian soldiers, who have been avoiding confrontation with Hamas, removed the remaining obstacles there.

Witnesses also reported that a Hamas bulldozer shoved aside spikes at a gap about 100 meters (110 yards) to the east.

Over 600 Hamas supporters rallied at the border to demand it remain open. One banner read: "Egypt and Palestine are one people, not two." A protester shouted, "Keep the border open."

Some of the protesters jumped over metal barriers into Egypt, raising Hamas flags on the Egyptian side. Dozens of Egyptian border guards watched the scene, but did not intervene.

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