Monday, 11 February 2008

Jumblat rant—number 768

More rants from the looney tunes of Lebanese politics. According to the Daily Star Walid Jumblat told a rally of his [not] Progressive [nor] Socialist [or even a] Party rally: "If you want chaos, we welcome chaos. If you want war, we welcome war. We have no problem with weapons and no problem with rockets, we can take the rockets from you. We may have to burn everything, but our existence, our honor, our survival and Lebanon are more important."

Just ot show that Jumblat wasn't messing his militia then opened fire randomly on the local headquarters of the rival Lebanese Democratic Party in Aley, a town outside Beirut.

Meanwhile word from Beirut is that the March 14 cabal have been running around firing guns in the air as a way of inspiring people to mark the anniversary of the assassination of Rafiq Hariri—what's wrong with handing out flyers?

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