Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Nahr el-Bared

What is wrong with this statement from UNRWA's Karen Abu Zayd?

“We will not only reconstruct the old camp, but also make it a better environment in which our architectural plans ensure that people have access to daylight no matter where they live; there will be ventilation where there was no ventilation before; and we will create open spaces for the benefit of the population, especially the children, while also keeping in mind the legitimate security concerns of the Lebanese army and government.”

Yup its the last part "open spaces" for the children, and err… the "legitimate security concerns of the Lebanese army."

Couched in the happy sounding "space and light" is that the camp will be rebuilt so that it cannot be defended by Palestinians. Refugee camps are built with narrow alleys to help its defenders, so the open spaces will give the advantage to besiegers, whether the army, the Lebanese Froces or other militias.

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