Sunday, 27 April 2008

Dumb social democrat—number 232

Hezbollah held French socialist, reports the BBC.

Apparently the foolish man was snapping away in Hizbollah areas without permission:

Mr Pakzad, who was representing the French Socialist Party at the two-day Socialist International conference in Beirut, said he had been taking pictures of a mosque with a friend when he was approached by armed men.

He said he was blindfolded and taken to an unidentified location where he was held in isolation and his cell phone, wallet and medicine were taken away.

Hezbollah said Mr Pakzad's photographic activities had "aroused suspicion" and that the two men were treated with "respect".
"Once we were sure that the Frenchman and his companion were not Israelis we had no problems" with them, the group said in a statement.

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing more pitiful than the claims of the two dueling sides (the loyalists represented by Walid "Smiegel" Jumblatt and the opposition represented by Hassan "Sauron" Nasrallah) in the current Lebanese political establishment.

Note in passing that Jumblatt is the exact transmutation of Smiegel in the Lord of the Rings, not only because of his uncanny physical resemblance to the creature, but also because of his incessant internal struggle between good and evil, as exemplified by his constant change of positions. Meanwhile, Nasrallah is the exact rendition of the ultimate evil "Sauron" who maintains an underground army of evil-doers bent on establishing the oppressive rule of radical Islam, on keeping Lebanon from returning to its quiet pastoral "Shire-like" condition, and on killing, evicting, and maiming under the pretense of liberating and resisting.

Back to the "incident" of this weekend in Lebanon.
Part 1 - The "Socialist International" was meeting in Lebanon this year, and Walid Smiegel Jumblatt being the head of Lebanon's Progressive Socialist Party (PSP), was hosting the event.
OUTCRY No. 1: Of all the feudal leaders that run the Lebanese people like serfs and bonded idiots, no one is more feudal and archaic than Walid Smiegel Jumblatt. His "socialism" is but a veneer under which lurks one of the most reactionary feudal systems in the world today. For one, ALL DRUZE ARE SOCIALISTS - the Lebanese Socialists and members of the PSP are all of the Druze sect. No law of probability can explain this phenomenon. Second, Walid Smiegel Jumblatt lives in a CASTLE HIGH UP ON THE HILLS in the town of Mukhtara, lording it over his poor Druze serfs (and the occasional Christian peasants who escaped the massacres committed by the Socialist Druze during the 1970s and 1980s). Third, Walid Smiegel Jumblatt, contrary to the precepts of equality that subsume any claim to socialism, INHERITED HIS POWER as the Lord of the Socialist Druze upon the death of his father, formerly also the Socialist Druze Lord Kamal Bey Jumblatt, in a medieval ceremony of "Allegiance-pledging" (in Arabic: مبايعة). Fourth, Walid Smiegel Jumblatt MAKES MILLIONS a year by pilfering the treasury of the Ministry of the Refugees and Displaced of which he is in charge in the Siniora government. For 20 years, the Christian refugees who fled their villages as the Socialist Druze were massacring them have not been allowed by Walid Smiegel Jumblatt to return. Note that the bells of all the churches of the Christian towns and villages were stolen and melted for money that ended up in Walid Smiegel Jumblatt's coffers, as feudalism usually works, as taxes owed by the Druze Socialist serfs to their Lord.

Part 2 - One of the French Socialists (another degenerate group of European idiots) attending the grand event went with his camera inside Hezbollah's turf, the fortified southern suburb of Beirut, supposedly to snap photos and show his wife that he lives dangerously. Hezbollah's Orcs, super-suspicious brainless pseudo-victims of mysterious Israeli, Zionist, American, Crusader, Imperialist, Colonialist, Christian, Western, and American plots and conspiracies, quickly seized this potential spy and dragged him to their underground dungeons (where they kept former French, American and other Western "spies" in the 1980s) where they roughed him up to check if he was really a spy.
OUTCRY No. 2: First, the Lebanese State is non-existent. It has now run 7 months without a President, and it might as well run without a government or a Parliament. This alone says a lot about the nature of the State in Lebanon: It's a useless amalgam of bureaucracies that feeds off foreign aid (Paris I, II, and III) and in turn, feeds the pockets of the Feudal and Militia Lords, who use the money to maintain the allegiance of their herds. Second, given that Israel flattened the southern suburb over the bearded Hezbollah Orcs in 2006, one may understand their wounded animal anger and suspicion of flies and mosquitoes buzzing about (you never know! With nanotechnology, these insects could be carrying Israeli cameras). But this is Lebanon: Every Son of a Bitch of a politician has his newspaper, his castle, his militia, and his "territory". Like Walid Smiegel Jumblatt lording it over the Shouf mountains southeast of Beirut, Hassan Sauron Nasrallah lords it over the Bekaa Valley and the south of Lebanon, as well as over the southern suburb of Beirut where he keeps his capital. It's his turf, and no one can just wander about without prior permission, not even the government (since a year ago, Hezbollah's Orcs kidnapped two Lebanese gendarmes on suspicion of spying. He says it's to keep Israeli spies, but he has been smuggling hashish, opium and diamonds, building an arsenal of close to 30,000 long range missiles, fabricating all manner of Shiite statehood inside Lebanese statehood, planning the liberation of Jerusalem from Beirut, preparing car bombs on behalf of Iran, etc... for so long that many people have become interested in taking a look at his "evil" empire. So why is he surprised that idiots - like the French Socialist guy - and real spies try to get a glimpse?

Whereto Lebanon? There are two ways: Further down the road of religious crap, feudalism bullshit, sectarian decadence and all their accompanying servitude and decomposition (which is what George W. Bush is saying contains the seeds of Lebanon's democracy and emancipation); or away from all this dung and into secularism, reason, modernism and genuine tolerant democracy. It's a long shot, especially now that the Americans have lost their breath (4 years of commitment to a goal is asking too much of the American people, no matter how important), and the Europeans have lost their balls.

To the Lebanese people: You are really alone - like Frodo - in your quest for a peaceful, tranquil country. It's a long journey ahead, and any friend could turn into an enemy in a split second. But there should be no doubt about the goal. Unless you liberate yourselves from the Jumblatts, the Nasrallahs, the Aouns, the Hariris, the Gemayels, the Geageas, and the religions, religious bosses - Patriarchs, Mullahs, Archbishops, Muftis, Bishops, Sayyeds, Priests and Sheikhs - and the super-powerful religious orders (each with their businesses and universities) behind them; unless you take your destiny in your own hands, there is nothing to expect but more of the same: Live in poverty, destitution and war; have many children (like all poor and primitive people) so they can emigrate, earn a living and send money back to you to survive; and keep going to stupid churches and mosques and pray and pray and pray to no avail.