Friday, 25 April 2008

Syria—food prices

Syrians are concerned that sharp price increases in basic foods like bread will have a major impact on an economy that is already in poor shape.

The economics ministry recently announced that 15 million Syrians—or about three-quarters of the population—have been affected by rising food prices.

Bread has reached 40 lira [80 US cents] for a kilogram sold on the open market, compared with 25 lira at the end of last year. The government also offers subsidised bread, of poorer quality.

The rising prices have been widely covered in the media, and many Syrians see the cost of bread in particular as the latest and most serious example of rising inflation. While the government has downplayed the issue, many people say they fear hungry days lie ahead.

"We have two choices left to us—either to fast, or to wait for the days of hunger,” said one civil servant. “Our incomes barely cover a quarter of our basic needs, and they ask us why we accept bribes."


somar2050 said...

i think that we should get rid of all kinds of totalitarian corrupted regimes , starting by Iran , Saudi Arabia and Egypt .
then the others will face a domino effect .

a citizen of the starving royal syrian republic

5Kid5 said...

I think Syria has no food problems. Thanks

PokemonMaster52 said...

80 cents? I wish my bread was that cheap ,
if you know what I mean. ;)

Lebanese Socialist said...

not so cheap if you're earning $2 a day

Anonymous said...