Thursday, 24 January 2008

Today life belongs to us!

The Leftist Assembly For Change has issued a statement on today's strike:

"Yes to the strike! No to poverty and starvation!"

"Today shows that the division in Lebanon is not between the opposition and the government, but between rich and the poor, between the exploiters and exploited, between the bourgeoisie and workers who live at the expense of the rich, who suffer from exhaustion, poverty, unemployment and homelessness.

"There are those who live in palaces and luxury hotels and houses, and there are those who live in crowded rooms and run down apartments and on the streets. Today, this equation is clear, and today life belongs to us.

"Yes to the strike, yes to the movement and demonstrations against those who disregard of our rights and our lives.

"Today, change as much as possible for ourselves!"

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