Sunday 6 April 2008

Egypt is our struggle

Statement from Tymat, the Leftist Assembly For Change, Lebanon:

Full Support for the Ghazl El-Mahalla Workers strike!

Today we stand hand in hand with the workers of Ghazl el-Mahalla, and with all of Egypt’s workers; we stand in solidarity with their struggle against a state which has constantly worked on draining and impoverishing the masses of workers and poor for the interest of the rich minority.

We stand against the company’s decisions, and we raise our voices with the voices of Ghazl el-Mahalla’s workers, in their righteous fight for their rights and demands for better life.

We consider all anti-strike statements, threats and propaganda made by the Pro-Moubarak General Federation of Trade Unions and the Labour Ministry as being another vile attempt by the state to attack the workers’ movement in Ghazl el-Mahalla.

The level of steadfastness and commitment shown by the workers can not but give us and all the workers in the region and the world the will and power and hope to act for change, today our support is essential, it is needed to uncover the injustice and the ongoing discrimination and exploitation that all of us suffer from every day.

We give full support to workers on strike in Ghazl El-Mahalla and we believe that their demands are righteous and just, and we urge workers around the world to rise against oppression and exploitation, because today’s fight is the fight of everyone of us for a better world, for a world free of poverty, exploitation and oppression.

In addition, we salute the initiative of the Kafr El-Dowar workers and the estate-tax collectors as well as university students, legal centres and social and political movements who stood in solidarity with the strike.

Whether in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria or any other country, our fight is common, our enemy is common, it is the state and it’s imperialist allies, it is the rich minority who feed on our hunger and misery.

Our ruling elites, share the same tradition of harassment and assault against workers, their laws are made to protect them from us, their voices come hand in hand with police bats and arrests, such regimes gives no mercy, and we shall not show them any as well.

They have their weapons and soldiers, we have our will, commitment, and we have a world to win.

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