Wednesday 9 April 2008


It's not as dramatic as the mass strike wage in Egypt, but echos of this new struggle from below are appearing in Lebanon.

The causes are the same, low wages, rampant inflation, a spike in the price of food—between July 2006 and March 2007 inflation hit 43 percent. This is feeding a general discontent with the new-liberalism of our rulers that is transforming itself into general discontent with the political system.

Over the past year we have seen this anger explode onto the streets, but perhaps what is less dramatic is the rash of strike calls coming from inside workers' unions, farmers groups and local associations.

What is clear is that the major union federations are having to call national one day actions because of the intense pressure from below.

One element stands out in union statements and short reports being compiled by Lebanon's revolutionary left: general meetings, delegate conferences, regional gatherings and local professional bodies are pushing for real action.

At the moment these are being contained by one day protest strikes... stay posted.

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